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Urgency Housing Organisation Limited

Has been established since 2002. We offer a fully supported living service which is staffed 24/7  with properties based in and around Acocks Green, Birmingham. Urgency Housing aim to develop independence in order for the individual to maximise life opportunities. Children who access this service can expect a bespoke support package that is person centred and individualised to meet specific needs, goals and aspirations.

We integrate those aged between 16 and 21, who are Section 20 children, or Section 17 looked after children, to include citizen children and children from abroad who may be seeking asylum.  The Organisation are also able to support young people who experience severe and enduring mental health issues, and have a vast bank of skilled and multicultural staff who understand the needs of individuals with support requirements and/ or influencing factors. Urgency Housing believe that independence has many facets and that every support plan should reflect the individuals aims and goals in order for independent living to be on their terms.

UHO are able to identify emerging mental health, alcohol and solvent/drug abuse and reliance, learning difficulties and other influencing factors. These additional factors may need to be addressed in order for the individual to approach or complete their journey from dependency to independence in the first instance, and to seek correct levels of support relevant and appropriate to their stage and need.

UHO provides a fully supported package throughout.

The satisfying criteria is that the young person needs to qualify entry by being either a Section 20 or Section 17 looked after child, or that they must have some means of funding for their placement with us.

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