Comprehensive assessment for 16-18 years service users


Urgency Housing Organisation's comprehensive assessment

Urgency Housing Organisation have a 17 bed residential assessment  centre in which new young people can stay upon entry to the project.  During the first 28 days of introduction, we are able to clarify the exact needs and any specialist intervention required for the individual, in accordance with The Every Child Matters protocol. ( During  more complex cases it may require a longer period of assessment than 28 days)

The fully furnished building gives 24 hour support, maximising independent living skills within a multi-agency environment.  We accept emergency referrals and carry out a full comprehensive assessment of the needs and abilities of the individual upon entry to the project.  Each young person is allocated their own named keyworker, and will be given full life skills training, and support with external visits as appropriate.  We ensure that access to health services, educational and vocational services, and referrals to any external agencies are completed as necessary. 


  • Emergency referral and assessment
  • Comprehensive assessment of needs and abilities
  • 24/7 staffing and support
  • Multicultural, health and social care qualified staff
  • On call service
  • Named Keyworker
  • Life skills training
  • Access to Health care services
  • Access to educational and vocational services
  • EDT (Emergency duty team) service 24/7
  • Personal and environmental hygiene
  • Sexual Health
  • Benefit support
  • Supported accompanied visits
  • Referral to specialist services
  • In House specialist drug and alcohol intervention
  • Specialist In House counsellling service
  • Cognitive behavioural intervention
  • Mentoring advice
  • Access to resettlement and support
  • Model citizenship
  • Access to translation services


     UHO Services

Emergency Referral
24/7 Staffing & Support

Named Keyworker
Life Skills Training
Access to :
     Health Care Services
     Education Services
     Vocational Services
     Resettlement Support
Sexual health
Benefit Support

Childrens Rights
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