Levels of accommodation in UHO- Pathway for newcommers

Welcome to Pathway

Newcomers to Pathway may be nervous, distressed and/or confused, whilst experiencing language barriers, traumatic experience and/or vulnerable past experiences.  Our fully trained and experienced staff are skilled and understanding of their circumstances and provide welcoming support upon entry and throughout their stay within Urgency Housing.  As the support progresses and as a young person finds recovery, their confidence and ability will change.  UHO create a bespoke package for the individuals need, and a move to the next "tier"may be identified as appropriate, and a multi-agency meeting will be called to discuss moving to (Greenway- tier 2) For those who may be new to the country and seeking asylum, it is vital that those leading the process have a knowledge and understanding in seeking asylum in order to be able to advise and support the journey, all of UHO's staff have this specialist experience and ability.  At Pathway's level, the staff are the most skilled across the organisation in dealing with those fragile circumstances.

All Tiers offer young people a named Keyworker delivering regular support and life skills sessions. UHO staff accompany all young people on visits, assisting where appropriate with any language barriers, offering a full life skills programme along with personalised support in environmental hygiene, sexual health training and a comprehensive mentoring service. All of these services are provided at the lower levels prior to semi independant living.  As with all the differing tiers within Urgency Housing Organisation, we are staffed 24/7 with an on call service and support access to health care services, education, and other external agencies.

It is often clear that some young people may and will benefit from counselling to address past issues and violation.  We can also offer specialist drug and alcohol intervention for anyone that may need it.  It may be necessary to seek external placements should assessment highlight mental health issues or specialist intervention that, in extreme cases, we cannot provide.  Again we will assist in the identification of other providers more suitably skilled to assist.








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