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Eventually young people will reach a stage where they have developed personal life skills that enable Semi-Independent living  where the level of support on offer is more relevant and appropriate to their needs. Negotiations with the individual and named Social Worker may indicate a move to Broadway as being appropriate.  At this level, all young people will still receive 24 hour support and guidance, but with less intense intervention and it is the young person who will dictate the level of  interaction between worker and young person.

This level of service delivery may also be appropriate for a young person who has developed a level of life skills elsewhere, but needs the final stages prior to total independence which their own tenancies or accommodation would give them.  It is again at the advice of those who know the individual well, to establish if this level may be more suitable for the young person as a step up or step down option.

At Broadway a full supported resettlement package is provided, looking not just at accommodation but council services, neighbourhood offices, access to health services, and how to set up and budget for utilities.  Other enhanced skills are available such as communications, making telephone calls, DIY, writing letters, researching tenancy support and other information to ensure the safe continuation of the tenancy. With solid resettlement at an appropriate time,  the young person will embrace the wider opportunities available to them in order to enable them to succeed in their life journey without support.

Resettlement means not only finding somewhere to live but being able to care for the home and self.  Life skills at this level, concentrate on tasks around the home and on a personal level, ensures that when  a young person leaves the project as an adult, they have received all the support and education they could need to start their new life, and be fully prepared for an independent future.


  • 24/7 Support if required
  • Multi- agency model
  • Named Keyworker
  • Tenancy support and information
  • Council services introduction and navigation
  • Personal and environmental hygiene support
  • Communication skills, phone calls, letter writing etc,
  • Referral to external agencies
  • Access to additional educational/vocational services
  • Supported resettlement


Broadway, 39-43 Broad Road, Acocks Green, Birmingham. B27 7UX


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